Wiring elements that match every style

Whether you prefer classic style or prefer modern to extravagant patterns, we always choose the best wiring elements that will complement any interior, whether in a classic or modern style. The Schneider UNICA switches and sockets are manufactured in several product lines, in which you will find absolutely all the available types of wiring elements on the market and in all styles. The basic series will surely delight all those who like classics, namely ordinary white colors and classic shapes. Other extended series will delight all those who like modern design and vibrant or pastel colors. Simply, we are sure to choose everyone.
You are sure to find your colour with us
The Schneider Unica drawers and switches come from workshops of the world-renowned experienced manufacturer who have been engaged in their production and development for many years and who, in addition to the high quality of their products, are also interested in modern and maintenance-free design. All of their products have a surface treatment that prevents dust deposits, so there is no need to take care of them, and in addition, it offers you a really large selection of frames in a variety of colors, so that they can fine-tune every room exactly According to your wishes. Just step into our truly varied offer and choose from many kinds of switches or outlets for antenna, phone or common network at the best prices on the market.

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