What are they available for?

Basically, we meet the offer of three slightly different types. These are mainly pre-assembled blinds for retrofitting, further pre-concealed types and eventually so-called. Top-mounted. Their names already indicate in part what the differences between the different types are. All of them are outdoor. However, the first type is intended to be retrofitted to existing windows, it is actually the addition of common windows. Other types are already built in the building, they are integral part of the construction. Therefore, of course, they are "hidden" as opposed to the type of the first, which is evident in the building as another, supplemented element.
The benefits are obvious
The first type can be installed on Windows virtually anytime. For two others, before starting the construction, you need to think about whether we want to put the windows on them. Otherwise, it is basically impossible to retrofit these types without very complex and labored building adaptations. Let us therefore devote to those who can be retrofitted to your homes.