I don’t want to be seen!

When we broke up with my partner, I solved a lot of the problem, which is not quite pleasant to deal with. I had a new acquaintance, and I didn't want everyone who sees us to know us right now and report it to my ex-husband. We've been hiding with a new friend for a long time, and we didn't mind so much, but over time, as time passed, we wanted to go to society, but we weren't even sure whether it was a good time to inform everyone that just the two of us were a couple. We did not know what future we had before us. Then one day I decided to get a wig.
You would not believe what work in this direction will make hair change. I've always had a long blond hair. The wig I bought was with short right hair. These hair, however, were very dark brown. I always laughed at the movies, in which the characters of the detective confused the hair by changing the hairs. Until now, I believed that if someone knew you, she would recognize you with other hair. Of course, if someone knows you well, he'll know you right away, but if it's just some known one you see once a year, it doesn't even think you can be you.