Heat to Unhold

So last year's steamer, who arrived in the Czech Republic sometime in May and left until the end of September, was literally Unheld. Who could not spend the whole period at home with cloudy windows and in full bath water, he suffered. The best way to mature in such a way for years was to go somewhere north, ideally to northern Scandinavia or Russia, only to breathe freely. However, all those who could not afford this and had to stay here, and still go to work with those five months felt as if someone had lit them under the boiler stood on their neck, it was simply not to be smoffed.
Disaster in employment
Those happier workers in offices and other establishments were those who had their supervisors taken by the rack fans, which happened to your husband, for example, not so much for the reason that they had the boss of the people as because their computers were necessary Cooled. But you had no such happiness. You work in a job where you are only one of many, and where an individual does not care who does not have the stamina, he must retreat to another in a row. So, from morning to night, you had a sweat like a conse, and you had to change your shirt a few times a day, otherwise you could squeeze your tee.