Have luxury and beauty at your fingertips

How to choose the perfect and very pleasant holiday, where you can watch the sights and have fun, other species and ways? Then be with us in our accommodation in Třeboň. Only here is the best comfort and comfort that will give you our offered kinds of rooms, which will make you all, very pleased. You can decide for yourself whether you want to relax, walk around the sights and have fun in other ways. Have luxury, fun and beauty at your fingertips.
Take advantage of our great and advantageous offer
The best offer to have a perfect holiday and be in the best comfort, even in the comfort you dream of, is with us only. Only with our accommodation in Třeboň, you are allowed to enjoy everything as you taste. There are many activities, ranging from wellness to sports. Take advantage of our best option to choose your ideal holiday or go for a weekend stay only.

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